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Ghanaian Owned Company

Omega Strategic Resources Ltd. (OSRL) is a Ghanaian company that was incorporated in 2004 as an outgrowth of Buatsi International Ltd. that was established in 1984 as a Ghanaian firm with a subsidiary in the US known as Buatsi International, Inc. Buatsi International Ltd. and Buatsi International Inc. were engaged in international business consulting and investment promotion, and acted as the agent for North America for the Ghana Timber Export Development Board with responsibility for market development. Buatsi International Inc., ceased operations in 1988 whereas Buatsi International Ltd. ceased operations in 2004 when Omega Strategic Resources Ltd. (OSRL) was registered in Ghana.

OSRL is set up to facilitate investment resource mobilization through global networks of financial institutions and individuals to fund strategic sectors and projects in Africa and beyond. It operates as a hub for teams of independent consultants and highly-networked individuals in the world of global investment finance and project development within the public and private sectors. Prof. Paul Buatsi, the founder and Managing Consultant of OSRL and his associates operate as independent consultants and specialized organizations that form teams to execute key projects. These individuals and organizations are mobilized on project-specific basis – all processes being demand-driven.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.

OSRL is a development-oriented firm, with a vision to contribute to organizational, institutional, national and societal transformation in the different settings in which we operate with the aim to improving the performance of individuals, organizations and institutions as well as quality of life of the communities and nations in which we operate with utmost sustainability.

Key Competences

To execute projects and assignments, OSRL capitalizes on the extensive experience of its team of professionals and associates. The extensive network of experienced professionals and organizations associated with OSRL has created an ability to execute projects in diverse economic and social sectors, including education, agriculture, manufacturing, mining, hospitality and tourism, export development and facilitation, banking and finance, energy, water and sanitation, waste management and recycling, construction and civil engineering, housing and real estate, , among others.

Our consultants have extensive experience and a proven track record in areas such as consulting and advisory services; finance and investments; project planning, development, management, monitoring and evaluation; events, trade shows and exhibitions planning, organizing, management and evaluation; business and organizational research; organizational strategic planning; business/organizational audit and development; new product research, development and commercialization; planning, development, and management of educational institutions and programs; educational leadership development; business and public sector management, human resource development/training.

Omega Strategic Resources Limited:

  • 01 Provides business development and investment facilitation services.
  • 02 Provides leadership and organizational development training.
  • 03 Is very active in Africa with access to key decision makers and business opportunities requiring the provision of specialized project design, development, procurement, execution, financing, management, and other services
  • 04 Assists companies from different industries to develop international expansion strategies, select the best locations for their operations in Sub-Saharan Africa and negotiate favourable conditions for their investments.
  • 05 Works with countries, regions, cities and organized groups to implement investment promotion and attraction strategies and secure new FDI.

We are true to ourselves, and commit to always perform at our best.